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The project «Sharing experiences for greater European Citizenship»was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens" Applicable to the Strand 2 – Measure 2.1"Town-Twinning” Participation: The project involved 45 citizens, notably 10 participantsfromthe city ofObecnyÚradv v Kalonda(Slovakia), 7participants from the cityof Pásztó (Hungary), 8 fromUnionedeiComuni del Comprensorio di Naxos e Taormina (Italy) and 20 participants from Rois (Spain). Location/ Dates: The event took place inRois(Spain), from13/11/2017to 19/11/2017 Short description: The dayof 13/11/2017was dedicated to welcome, accommodation and meeting in the Council of Rois. Arrival of the participants, Welcome in the Municipality of Rois and presentation of the project and program of activities to the participants, representatives of Rois and associations. Welcome dinner. The dayof 14/11/2017was dedicated to meeting in the Council of Rois, exhibitions and visit to Rois dependencies. 10:00 Exhibition on European Citizenship. Public debate. 12:00 Exhibition by municipal technicians of the actions and activities offered to citizens. 13:30 Lunch 16:00 Exposition about the relation between the municipalities and the EU. 18:00 Visit to local dependencies 20:30 Dinner The dayof 15/11/2017 was dedicated totransfer to Santiago, round table, Parliament, workshop and General Director meeting. 10:00 Meeting with the General Director of Youth, Participation and Volunteering of Xunta de Galicia. Round table about the participatory democracy. 12:30 Official visit to the Parliament of Galicia. Meeting with the vicepresident of the institution. Workshop “Ideas and proposals for a better European Citizenship”. 13:30 Lunch 16:00 Visit to Museo do Pobo Galego. Visualization of videos about the life and customes of the participant countries. 19:00 Meeting with the social associations from Rois Municipality. Their organization and participation in daily life. The day of 16/11/2017 was dedicated to Padrón, Brotherhood Oath and Intercultural dinner. 10:00 Visit to Padrón. Casa Museo Rosalía de Castro y Camilo José Cela. 12:30 Workshop in groups: “Being aneuropean citizen. Rights, rules and obligations” 13:30 Lunch 16:00 Town Twinning ceremony. Official Brotherhood Oath signature by mayors. 18:30 Meeting with mayors of neighbouring municipalities. 20:30 Intercultural dinner. The dayof 17/11/2017 was dedicated to visit RíasBaixas, Workshops, meeting with association leaders. 10:00 Visit to RíasBaixas. 12:30 Meeting with other municipality mayors. Workshop “European Charter of Fundamental Rights”. 13:30 Lunch 16:00 Meeting with association leaders. Workshop “Youth participation in democratic life”. 20:00 Dinner The dayof 18/11/2017 was dedicated todebate, visit GAIAS and workshop. 10:00 Workshop: Youth and employment policies. 12:00 Debate “European programs for youngsters. The SVE” 13:30 Lunch 16:00 Visit to GAIAS (Ciudad de la Cultura de Galicia). 18:00 Possibility of cooperation in new Town Twinnings. The dayof 19/11/2017 was dedicated to an evaluation test, programation of new possible projects and delegations departure. Satisfaction test and acquisition of knowledge about European citizenship and participatory democracy. Evaluation of the meeting. Departure of participants to their respective countries.

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